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Location: Ireland
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replied to (Newcastle Utd.) whats changed

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Most powerful shot

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Have we been spoilt in the past

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) july pardew and september pardew ********ter

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Antidote for wonga haters?

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) leicester v man u sky live game

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Next 6 league games

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) Relegation

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) American going to the Stadium of ****e

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) I will say this about partdue

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) todays protests

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) ben 10 interview with bt sport

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) tiote today

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) total bullsh1t

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) pardew another club as manager .

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) pardew ..on the boo boys

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) the new kit

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) club statement ..carver /woodman

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) What would you rather?

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) i cant wait till mike ashley foks off .

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) Pardew has had talks with Ashley

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) If you could nominate two players

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Chucky Ferrerya

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) odds for new toon manager .im going for neil lennon

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Jonas

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