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Location: Ireland
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replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Yanga-Mbiwa

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Have you ever known this before?

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) 51,866

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) trouble yesterday

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Sunlun score

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Long ball

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) REALLY optimistic

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Long time no post

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Fan photo

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) Riviera is injured for tomorrow

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) Who "expects" us to beat Leicester

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) this fella evans

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Starting XI vs Leicester

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) What do you honestly hope for...

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Ash wont be going anywhere now

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) respect for jonas

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Right. Back to the proper footie...

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) Michael Essian

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) african cup of nations

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) Gary Lineker

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Ashley ready to find money for Pardew pay off?

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Messi vs Ben Arfa

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) Krul sent home injured

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) If we are relegated who will stay who will go?

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Mackem game switched

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