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Location: Australia
Hey yubs See you're signed in - how goes it? :) No flames licking in your direction I hope? :( 19 January 2013 02:28 Started on 'Villa Chat' forum
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started topic (Birmingham C.) Hello Folks

How's the mental health? :) Hiya folks

Hope youíre all bearing up under the strain. Funny (in the broadest sense) kinda season, which I guess has to be seen in the context of last seasonís survival and supporter expectation under PL.

A lotís been said of late about must-win games and it would be fair to say that the next four are certainly significant for obvious reasons.

Iím back in Blighty for Everton and Reading away plus all games in between, which naturally I hope involves a stroll along Wembley Way. Hope springs ehÖ

Be nice to catch up during this period if youíre around :)

Best wishes

17 January 2013 06:11 Started on 'Villa Chat' forum
Michael Lynagh Sad to hear he has suffered a stroke. Get well soon - top player and gentleman. 19 April 2012 12:47 Started on 'Toff and Gloo's Tavern' forum
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