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WEEK 5 (13th Sept) Thought I would be the only one to forget about this weekends fixtures, oh boy how wrong I am. :O

Celtic 2-2 Aberdeen (Pawlett)
Dundee Utd 3-1 Hamilton (Mackay-Steven)
Kilmarnock 2-1 St Mirren (Mclean)
Partick Thistle 2-3 Inverness CT (Mackay)
Ross County 1-1 Motherwell (Kiss)
St Johnstone 2-1 Dundee (Davidson)
13 September 2014 03:10 Started on 'Prediction League' forum
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WEEK 2 PART 2 SAT 16TH Celtic 3-2 Dundee Utd (Stokes)
Dundee 1-3 Partick Thistle (Harkins)
Hamilton 2-2 St Johnstone (Antoine-Curier)
Motherwell 2-2 Inverness CT (Shinnie)
Ross County 1-1 Kilmarnock (Kiss)
15 August 2014 00:43 Started on 'Prediction League' forum
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What's everyone been up to over the break? Welcome back y'all!

What have you all been up to since we last spoke on here? B)

Me? Still no job but have had bag loads of interviews. To be honest and from a positive perspective, I had a lot more interviews in the 2 years so far since first moving to Kirkcaldy compared to when I lived in Glenrothes. Only a matter of time!O:) In contrast I do have another volunteering job, this time in the retail sector. I'm a volunteer for the British Heart Foundation. I started 6 weeks ago and I'm loving it. :)
05 August 2014 16:57 Started on 'Off-Topic' forum
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