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started topic (Notts. County) Simple Equation

replied to (Notts. County) Today's team

started topic (Notts. County) The fat lady

started topic (Notts. County) Keith Curle in disguise?

replied to (Notts. County) Womens' FA Cup semi-final at Goodison Park

replied to (Notts. County) Team and predictions v Crawley

replied to (Notts. County) Steve Cotterill

replied to (Notts. County) OT: Sell off social housing!


replied to (Notts. County) All time favourite County Centre Foward pairing

started topic (Notts. County) No JCR no party

replied to (Notts. County) Reece Fyfe

replied to (Notts. County) J.C.R.

started topic (Notts. County) Get your ar$es down to Yeovil

replied to (Notts. County) New head coach

started topic (Notts. County) Ye cannit win if ye cannot score

replied to (Notts. County) Will we get out of it ?

replied to (Notts. County) The return of Hans Backe?

replied to (Notts. County) Ray Trew: 'Revelations in next week, fans will be appeased'

replied to (Notts. County) The Manger Who Ticks All the Boxes

started topic (Notts. County) Ian Holloway please Ray

replied to (Notts. County) Martin Allen

started topic (Notts. County) Too little too late

replied to (Notts. County) Nottingham's Best Footballer

replied to (Notts. County) o/t Fred Talbot

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