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Location: durham, United Kingdom
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started topic (Newcastle Utd.) Relegation

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Reason for the boycott?

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) Morning all

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Mike Ashley must be gutted

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) The old Sunderland forums

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Mackems

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) any streams for the match

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Not been on for ages/years

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) hooligan video on truefaith

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) traveller fights on youtube

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Is the Toon for sale?

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) Will Ashley do it...

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) TalkSH*TE

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Go before its too late.

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Are we on tele/streamed across the world tongiht?

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) What strikers are available????

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Which one is the liar?

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) fu*king little welsh c*nt

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) O/T Late Night Bars in Newcastle

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) The Worse NUFC defender

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) New singing section?

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) able hernandez

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Robin Williams Dead

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Che BenArfa's meet and greet

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Zaha or wickham

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