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Location: south lanarkshire, United Kingdom
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replied to (Dundee Utd.) When Nadir goes

replied to (Dundee Utd.) Any chance of this forum remaining a FOOTBALLING site?

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replied to (Dundee Utd.) Danny Swanson

started topic (Dundee Utd.) Dale Hilson

replied to (Dundee Utd.) jamie macdonald

replied to (Dundee Utd.) No Happy

replied to (Dundee Utd.) Rudi Skacel

replied to (Dundee Utd.) Who do we still need to sign?

replied to (Dundee Utd.) Northern Shamrock seething about Gauld

replied to (Dundee Utd.) Andy Robertson

started topic (Dundee Utd.) FAO the poster Joy Division

replied to (Dundee Utd.) Transfers

started topic (Dundee Utd.) Our "Gaulden" Generation

replied to (Dundee Utd.) Scott Allan

started topic (Dundee Utd.) GMS..

replied to (Dundee Utd.) Marius Zaliukas

replied to (Dundee Utd.) Our obligation to the bank

replied to (Dundee Utd.) Guald off

replied to (Dundee Utd.) Ryan Gauld

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