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I wonder... It's the close season, so I can maybe fly a kite about something that's been niggling away at me for a wee while. We had, under orders, to provide about I think) 13 000 seats at Fir Park. The best we've ever done - again 'I think'- was 11 000 plus v AS Nancy. A number of other Scottish clubs were hit by the same ruling. Then the goals were moved. 6 500 seats became enough, gazebos were OK and you could leave sides / ends of your grounds untroubled by spectators. I wonder how much we - and others - were disadvantaged by this change of policy? I'm just guessing; some proper research might throw up some interesting results. 05 June 2015 16:41 Started on 'Fir Park Messages' forum
Posterity A forgettable season has just been rescued by two memorable performances. All the other 'Well fans I've spoken to are beside themselves with delight. I would buy a DVD of those two matches, and I wouldn't be surprised if at least some fans of other clubs wouldn't invest as well! Rangers had the backing of the media / establishment; we had goodwill in shedloads from ordinary fans. Two consecutive away and home wins against Rangers within the week - in whatever league they're in - is unlikely to be repeated. If the tie had gone the other way the DVD would be on sale already.
Is someone going to do it?
03 June 2015 20:49 Started on 'Fir Park Messages' forum
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replied to May 30 & 31, 2015 Absence of Bias

Now that the dust has settled... I'm wondering what the effect of the end-of-game stramash will be? Some fans will simply take a 'my team right or wrong' perspective, but, on a more meaasured level, what's likely to happen to Lee Erwin,for example? And I still haven't heard what Fraser Kerr did to collect a red card. And, since 'goading' isn't an offence in itself, what law /rule / regulation are we likely to be on the wrong end of if action is taken, either against the club or individuals? Breach of the peace? Are court cases possible / likely?
I think back to last May; after our last-minute goal which, on another day, could have been disallowed for a foul on Langfield, the Dons fans, bitterly angry and disappointed though they were, just went home. The 'Well fans had their few minutes of raucous celebration with the players, then went home. That's what's supposed to happen; I wish it had happened on Sunday.
01 June 2015 19:43 Started on 'Fir Park Messages' forum

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