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Pearson I couldn't make it tonight (but I'll be at Tannadice). Clearly a disastrous overall performance, but did Stephen show any sign of form? On a related tack, can anybody now think of a reason why Thomas shouldn't start games? 21 January 2015 22:32 Started on 'Fir Park Messages' forum
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Player fitness Listening to the car radio as I drove to the game, I'm sure that I heard it reported that Hammell and Ramsden were injury doubts. I was surprised that they took the field. Events seem to have borne the 'injury doubt' stuff out.
So what are we left with to face Aberdeen? Other posters under other topic headings have mentioned giving Thomas his chance. The circumstances aren't ideal, but are we running out of options? I'd have him on at the start, see if he can do some damage for us, and, if he runs out of steam, take him off.
Were the Accies saving money by only having some of their lights on today? Let's be bad losers for a minute - how did they get away with that?
01 January 2015 21:00 Started on 'Fir Park Messages' forum
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Ownership November 30th deadline for settling the ownership question is upon us. We could do with it being sorted. Any rumours? 29 November 2014 21:31 Started on 'Fir Park Messages' forum
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