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Stephen Pearson Any word on the injury? We need this guy! 09 April 2015 11:19 Started on 'Fir Park Messages' forum
And another thing... 14 shots to Killie's 6; 9 corners to Killie's 2 (from the Killie site). And we were the away side! 'Transformation' isn't too strong a word. 04 April 2015 22:10 Started on 'Fir Park Messages' forum
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Tonight / tomorrow I've no enthusiasm for either of the OF, but I'll be cheering on Celtic tonight.
I was about to add that I've nothing against St.Mirren, then, remembering the time when 'Well fans were embarrassingly and unnecessarily herded from the station to the ground with a non - optional police escort, I decided that I did have something agaist St.Mirren. And that was before the over - zealous stewarding started.
Any sign of a team for tomorrow?
03 April 2015 10:29 Started on 'Fir Park Messages' forum
Saturday I'm just organising myself for Saturday. After a bite to eat in one of the many gourmet bistros and pavement cafes in Hurlford, I'll be heading for the game. My optimistic horizon is clouded by only one thing; how many football matches have we actually won on one of 'those' pitches? 31 March 2015 17:27 Started on 'Fir Park Messages' forum
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Crowd on Friday Absolutely delighted at the result...but was that really a crowd of 4500+? Given the 250 Accies fans, that would be close to our best 'home' turnout for months. It didn't look like it from where I was sitting!
More importantly, we're looking competitive again; we're still in hope rather than expectation, but the hope is markedly strengthening.
21 March 2015 10:21 Started on 'Fir Park Messages' forum
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Hypothetical question The end of the season comes along. Hearts and Queen of the South win promotion. A plan for an expanded SPFL appears as if by magic. As luck would have it, it would keep us in the SPFL.
But, having worked out what it's really about, should we vote for it?
06 March 2015 16:21 Started on 'Fir Park Messages' forum
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The crowd today I thought our fans were outstanding today from beginning to end, and I just don't believe that their encouragement didn't push on the players to greater commitment than we've seen for months. Long's save at 0-0 when ICT were clean through on him could have turned our season round. 'Well done, Mr.Long', as somebody in the DC shouted. 28 February 2015 22:10 Started on 'Fir Park Messages' forum
Team for today I'll need to set off for the game quite soon. Any sign of a team list? 28 February 2015 09:55 Started on 'Fir Park Messages' forum

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