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replied to (Burnley) No pictures of Shackell so far from Evian

replied to (Burnley) Stockport 'friendly' cancelled

replied to (Burnley) Jelle set for three years at Turf Moor

replied to (Burnley) Norwegian spoof

replied to (Burnley) Shackell linked with Derby again

replied to (Burnley) Who was the recruitment guy who left us to go to Norwich?

replied to (Burnley) Chris Dean (2BR)

replied to (Burnley) John Eustace

replied to (Burnley) 2015/16 kit mockups

replied to (Burnley) Dean Whitehead

replied to (Burnley) France, Scotland and local friendlies

replied to (Burnley) Timeless Flight Moody Blues Cardiff last night

started topic (Burnley) Premier League payments for 14/15 announced

replied to (Burnley) Hypothetical question. Investor.

replied to (Burnley) Sean for Sunderland ?

started topic (Burnley) Frank McParland

replied to (Burnley) Burnley "braced for bad news" on Barnes injury

replied to (Burnley) Are we a yo yo club,or a Blue riband club???

replied to (Burnley) How much for dropping down

replied to (Burnley) 62.5 million

replied to (Burnley) Stockport friendly

replied to (Burnley) Summer transfer kitty

started topic (Burnley) very short close season this year...

replied to (Burnley) The Youth Set-up

replied to (Burnley) The lost legacy of the Premier League

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