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replied to (Scotland) Hoi Mookster

replied to (Scotland) How often have the Jambos been relegated?

replied to (Scotland) Psstt!! Tommy's got a click for tonight

replied to (Scotland) Chilling scenes at Tartanban rally

replied to (Scotland) FAO The Rangers fans

replied to (Scotland) Over six hours...

replied to (Scotland) Northern Mujahideen and Cheat FC not playing this weekend

replied to (Scotland) Pittodrie

replied to (Scotland) Maybe we'll get an Old Firm Derby this seaosn

replied to (Scotland) Ashley starts to use his Ibrox muscles

replied to (Scotland) Trouble at Dundee v Aberdeen

replied to (Scotland) Ra maist loyul fans ina wurld nat

replied to (Scotland) Well done, Dholly...

replied to (Scotland) The Rangers Pound Oh How We Miss !!

replied to (Scotland) Are all you NO voters signing Big Gordy's petition then?

replied to (Scotland) sign here if the bares are gieing you a laugh the night

replied to (Scotland) They can't wait to talk about The Rangers

replied to (Scotland) I hope Rangers thrash Hibs tonight

replied to (Scotland) Hearts heading towards an other Full House

replied to (Scotland) Aberdeen FC

replied to (Scotland) The SNP, Greens and SSP all big uptake in membership

replied to (Scotland) George Square

replied to (Scotland) the buns, ibrox, dodgy investors & interpol

replied to (Scotland) The pop group ABBA

started topic (Scotland) Hoi Notts!

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