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Aberdeen items / SANDS Ed this is a mixture of both on and off topic - so it's your call.

Many of you who post on here may recall in February 2013 my son Callum was stillborn. The response from fellow posters be it through words of support, donations for the half marathon I ran, organising of items to be sold on eBay and the club itself was as phenomenal as it was humbling.

It's a response I'll never forget and one that undoubtedly helped me cope in my darkest hours.

There are a couple of reasons for this post:

Firstly I was in the loft at the weekend and came across a few items I'd like to give away for nothing for other Dandies to enjoy;

A massive red and white saltire.
A 'Here we Go Aberdeen' book - an official account of the 83 team.
The Dons Quiz book by Ally Walker - from 1986.
Bloody Casuals by Jay Allan.

That's just for starters, I'll have a proper look in the coming days. There's programmes etc up there as well.

Secondly on Thursday my wife is going to Ninewells for a planned cesarean and I'm climbing the walls with worry so trying to keep busy/distracted.

Lastly I'm running the Edinburgh half marathon in May for Sands to raise awareness/funds etc.

Ed am I allowed to link my Justgiving page? Totally understand if not.

With regards to the items above, post on here if your interested and I'll put my e-mail address up to get your address.

Many thanks in advance

27 January 2015 21:59 Started on 'Stand Free Forum' forum
Dundee Match Thread Never started one before but at least it is Saturday albeit just.

On the back of McNamara's galacticos going down in Ayrshire, three points would see us tucked up three adrift going into the international break. This would represent a good return of 10/12 and a LCQF. This set against a backdrop of a stuttering start, loss of form and key injuries. A marked improvement on what we saw at McDiarmid Park.

However the Utd score tonight does further magnify the frustration felt after Tuesday though.

It will be interesting to see how McInnes approaches the game, revert to type or stick with Rooney and Goodwillie? I've never felt McInnes was the type of coach like Calderwood who'd match up against certain opponents but in this case I think he will be more cautious and opt for a more solid base to nulify the pace Dundee carry out wide.

Regardless of 4231 or 442 it's individual errors that are costing us, so a Killie away esque performance is required.

Looking forward to the game, mind you 25 notes for Dens! Sitting in row X somewhere and will be hobbling around having been scythed down at 5s tonight!
04 October 2014 00:59 Started on 'Stand Free Forum' forum
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replied to Institutionalised cheating.

Question Marks over McInnes No this isn't an over reaction nor is it a call for the managers head etc.

That was abysmal today, a performance devoid of any guile or ideas. A flashback to a McGhee performance also at McDiarmid where we were meekly turned over 2-0 midweek. More on today later.

My concerns centre around:

1. McInnes has had several transfer windows to address the LB issue.

2. 4-2-3-1 isn't flexible.

3. A lack of plan B.

4. A stubbornness to change his initial 11 throughout the game and tactical issues.

5. See point 1 but instead of a LB, a GK.

If we had won today would I have been on the forum posting this... most likely not, but this has been in the post for some time. In fact since we gubbed Saints in the LC semi we've struggled as teams have got to grips combating us.

When was the last time we won a game comfortably by two or three nil?

Point 1 has been covered to death on here so no need for me to elaborate, Saints targeted Logan in the SC Semi and did so again today, is he perhaps a weak point as well as the LB position?

Point 2 was demonstrated today in that our system wasn't working from the outset, Anderson humfed three balls forward within the first 30 seconds bypassing the midfield which seemed to set the tone. As the game progressed Rooney was either isolated or coming very deep to link the play but in the main ineffectual.

Instead of making any change in shape/formation/ tactics McInnes opted for a change in striker, deploying Goodwillie in a system that wasn't working.

Point 3 See SC Semi or the other week when Utd were at Pittodrie. At Pittodrie like today how many sideways passes that eventually broke down were played? We're suffering from a lack of bite in midfield and up top.

Point 4 Personally i think McInnes leaves it to long to make changes, what's the point in putting Cammy Smith on in the 90th minute? There's been various games where McInnes has been reactive rather than proactive.

Point 5 The guy is a joke figure. How many goal keepers in the past have we had that opposing fans ridicule? Dreadful goal keeping when he spilled it then had a laugh about it with the subs warming up behind the goal. Kicking was poorer than normal also. Instead of doing ice bucket challenges and being good to have about the place get your heed down.

Today was a wake up call, a back to the drawing board if you like. Tommy Wright certainly has the upper hand on McInnes and his tactics.

I found it alarming that Logan on several occasions had throw ins yet no one showed, that is a damming indictment on how poor we were.

Early days in the season but things need addressed and there's hard work to be done. On the evidence so far we're not going to win as many games this season as we did last.

I await the abuse. :D
23 August 2014 21:27 Started on 'Stand Free Forum' forum
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replied to Perth Pubs For Dandies

replied to Alex McLeish

replied to Stag Doo at St. Johnstone Game

replied to Perth Away Roll Call

Post match views from a Sociedad perspective Went on their official website for a gander and translated the below link.

A bit ropy but you get the jist. They believe they've still got work to do.

Roll on next Thursday.

Click on Entrar Web Oficial, then click on the large main news story which is a picture of their players celebrating.
31 July 2014 23:40 Started on 'Stand Free Forum' forum

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