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Craig Davies - Oldham Athletic FC forum

Topic started: Wednesday 22 August 2007 16:21 PM
wwfcnutsUser is Offline Posts: 1Joined: May 2007Trialist7 year member
Posted 22 Aug 2007 16:21
Craig Davies
Hows he doing for your lot?I thought he had real potential last year but just needed at bit more first team football and a couple of goals to boost his confidence.Think he could be one of the top scorers in your division this year.Good luck for the season.
shezisgod2007User is Offline Posts: 22Joined: May 2007Trialist7 year member
Posted 22 Aug 2007 17:28
re: Craig Davies
He's doing well. Scored 2 in 3 and been playing some goof stuff.

Still think he needs another 3-4 games before he shows his real form as he's still a bit unfit. I agree he could deffo finish in the top 5 goalscorers if he stays injury free.

Good luck for the season.
HometownclubUser is Offline Posts: 131Joined: April 2006Academy9 year member
Posted 23 Aug 2007 15:45
re: re: Craig Davies
He's been great so far in pre-season and the 3 competitive games we've played. The vast majority of Latics fans are over the moon with him, pace and power added to great entusiasm and effort, he'll definately score goals in this division.
happyterrybUser is Offline Posts: 29Joined: July 2007Trialist7 year member
Posted 24 Aug 2007 09:21
re: re: re: Craig Davies
Looks hungry and ambitious. Just what we want at the Latics. Needs to work on his fitness as others have said but with any luck he should do well for us and for himself by banging in 15 plus goals. Lets hope he stays fit.....
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