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good luck plymouth - Plymouth Argyle FC forum

Topic started: Monday 05 September 2011 19:28 PM
holte14User is Offline Posts: 2Liked: 21 times in 14 postsJoined: November 2008Trialist6 year member
Posted 05 Sep 2011 19:28
good luck plymouth
hope your great club survives all these troubles !! its always the fans and staff that suffer ? met many a plymouth fan following england and always great company ! so i wish you all the very best of luck we cant let great clubs go to the wall as soon as one does others will follow ? then this great game of ours will be finished as we know it ! AVFC
User edit 05 Sep 19:34
green_argyll77User is Offline Posts: 272Joined: January 2006Reserves9 year member
Posted 05 Sep 2011 23:13
re: good luck plymouth
Nice comments Holte. Thanks for taking the time to pass on your best wishes.

If you know any Villa fans or fans of other clubs who may be able to attend the Fans Re-united event on the 24th please pass this on. In truth we may even fold before the 24th we are that close to the brink.

If the players refuse to defer payments for a further 2 weeks the Administrator becomes responsible to pay the wages, unless they release the players from their contracts. The administrator is saying they won't pay the wages and will shut the place. Of course there is always the mysteroius consortium who are buying Argyle, who could or rather should just cough up the money they have been promising for months now.
RaytrainshairUser is Offline Posts: 3Liked: 10 times in 10 postsJoined: June 2011Trialist3 year member
Posted 06 Sep 2011 13:14
re: good luck plymouth
What makes you so great that you can't go bust?

Would Villa fans give a **** if it was gillingham or Barnet?

You make your bed, lie in it. Relying on a world cup bid for your future is damned stupid.
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