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Location: North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
get well soon Rex Garton Sorry to hear that you're unwell.
Please take care of yourself and get well soon.
There is nothing more important than your health, not even football.
03 December 2013 14:27 Started on 'Blast Furnace' forum
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A long overdue 3 points Beating Pompey was more than just another 3 points.
It was proof positive of our players ability and fight.
Decent tactics and formation with no pointless ssubs and chanages from the incumbent management aalso helped.
25 November 2013 11:02 Started on 'Blast Furnace' forum
The silence is deafening! Still no statement from our Chairman.
Can't he get through to Wharton to ask for his approval?
Come on man.
Grow a pair and despatch the buffoon bacak to where he belongs...on the dole.
20 November 2013 10:15 Started on 'Blast Furnace' forum
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