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Already having a dig at the Grunters? "Likewise that it was a club with real family values. Because, in that respect, there are clubs and clubs.

“Also, he is very proud to be associated with Sheffield because of its footballing heritage. It is the home of football, where its laws were drawn-up and we are very proud of that.”

Despite having access to a portion of Prince Abdullah’s vast wealth - his business, the Saudi Paper Manufacturing Company, was reportedly worth a nine figure sum after its flotation on the country’s stock exchange - Phipps insisted the 47-year-old’s presence does not mean United will begin spending “ridiculous” amounts in the transfer market.

“Think Liverpool rather than Manchester City,” he said. “The prince, like Mr McCabe, has built a successful business from scratch and there are certain principles that he always adheres too.”

taken from the Stir,

First line is obviously having a go at our South Barnsley neighbours. There are clubs with class and then there are Wednesday X-D

I know the Arabs dont like Pork but that is brilliant.

03 September 2013 09:24 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
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