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replied to Jim Phipps Twitter

Phipps on twitter Fair play to the bloke for communicating with the fans. He commits a lot of time to it. I can't help thinking he should back down a bit from it. Some of the posts are a bit embarrassing.

I think if you have nothing to say, say nothing.

This isn't an attack on the man. He seems genuinely passionate about our club. I just wish he would tone it down.

04 September 2014 08:13 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
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replied to Good luck Mr Rooney and England .

YouTube There are some corkers boys n girls 07 May 2014 00:04 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
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replied to A view from East Yorkshire

replied to blades fighting blades

Emotional 37 years of age and I cried when the first goal went in. Crazy emotions.

Did anyone else shed a few?
14 April 2014 11:01 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
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started topic (Hull City) Congrats and good luck in the final

replied to Clough Is Out Of His Depth

online voting high jinx Those piggy truffle hunting bleeders are trying to ban their band from Hillsborough.

I think the band should stay. It highlights how fake and pathetic the big rusty library is. 75% of them hate it and want rid. what better reason to ensure it stays

Vote now. keep the band.
11 March 2014 15:06 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
Prince Abdullah Latest from the boss 13 November 2013 21:10 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
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replied to Pig's Budget

The prince and his cheque books Link. 25 October 2013 13:58 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
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replied to Morgan poor manager and bottled

replied to Second goal

replied to Morgs.

replied to Baxter ..

Hill, Doyle and central defence Hi all,

Firstly, I don't make many games these days as I play Saturdays. From what I have seen it appears we have quite a few passengers. I think if we somehow motivate these or ship them out we will be ok.
What has happened to Central defence? They were solid for the last 2 seasons. I suppose they aren't getting a lot of cover from midfield, but they seem to be getting the basics very wrong. Harry was lucky to finish the game on the pitch. Very sluggish for me.
Hill is dreadful. He is weak in the tackle, easy to get round and not comfortable in the slightest with the ball. All he wants to do is a 2 yard sideways pass or lump it up the line and hope for the best.
Doyle for me is where the biggest problem is. I didn't even realise he was playing apart from watching the replays of the cov goals. He was at fault for the first 2 in my opinion.
I do take heart from the last 20. I am also thankful that I play now instead of watching the type of football we were treated to first half yesterday. I know that won't sit well with those that go every week, but if any of the lads I play with put in a shift like the above mentioned players, they would be available to watch as many games as they like.

I do think we have enough quality to climb the league, but strong decisions have to be made to address serious defensive problems... Oh and the skipper.

Hats off to the blades that went yesterday. We salute you
14 October 2013 09:55 Started on 'Blades Board' forum

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