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Back to basics Like most I have a perception of what I'd like to see the team look like.

Here's mine and why I think we are falling short of success in terms of the players we have.

1. Goalkeeper - ideally tall and commanding. I don't feel either really tick this box.

2. Fullbacks - ideally attack minded. I think in Brayford and Harris we are ok here though both have been not in amazing form of late. Freeman is also a reasonable back up though Alcock has been more patchy. We've seen little of McEvely at left back of late.

3. Centre halves - one ball player and one who commands in the air. Basham can slot nicely into one role. We are woefully missing in the other. Maguire was ideal and could play a bit. Butler would have been very useful. Other than this we are woefully short. Kennedy is not tall enough in my view though I like him in the squad, McEveley not commanding enough, Alcock also too small and Collins marginalized.

4. Central midfield - one either defensive minded player or deep lying quarterback, the other an attack minded goalscoring centre midfielder who can run with the ball. Reed may develop into a quarterback given time, Doyle is closest we have to defensive minded but is 33 now. We pretty much have no attacking midfielder who also scores goals (for us). A massive miss and the third issue with the spine of the team.

5. Wide players - one who is a direct dribbler and one who is an excellent crosser. The more attributes to each the better. Murphy provides one of those. The others maybe a combination of Davies, Flynn and Campbell-Ryce but still lacking someone to provide consistent quality from the right.

6. Strikers - one a big brute, one extremely quick, one a number 10, one a poacher, one an all rounder. You could say we have Davies now, let's see how he goes. We lack anyone with lightening pace, another flaw in the spine. We have both Baxter and Diego as potential number 10s but Baxter just hasn't done it this season and Diego is a sub at York. McNulty has proved a good finisher and Done is a decent finisher and all rounder in the nuisance sense.

The problem for what I look for in the team is therefore:

Lack if a dominant keeper
Lack of dominant centre half
Lack of dominant central midfielder
Lack of goals from central midfield
Lack of consistent alternative to Murphy
Lack of pace in the final third

I can't see how we cannot have ticked more of these boxes having signed so many players.

15 March 2015 13:02 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
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Neill Collins - Awful Man Management Has anyone read the Star regarding Collins?

It really is truly awful reading:

“We have no objection to putting him in the team if we think he is worthy of a place, and if he is looking better than before he was injured.

“We have to be careful because when he played before, we let in five goals at Swindon and three at Chesterfield, and we haven’t conceded three goals since then.

“We haven’t seen much of him because he’s been out for three months and training with the kids, so it’s a big ask for him to come into the first team, with 12 games of the season to go, when he’s missed to much football.”

If he looks any better than before sounds dreadful slight on the guy who formed a good partnership with Maguire.

Then pretty much blames him for the Swindon and Chesterfield debacles.

In the case of the latter we played most of the game with ten men thanks to Higdon and McEvely played the full game, another ex-Derby who has been almost ever present since. In this game 6 Clough signings started.

In the case of the former, McEvely once more plus Alcock and McGahey both of whom he is advocating bringing in quite happily, also took part. In this game 7 Clough signings started.

Seems somewhat selective to me.

And what's all this nonsense about having last season's vice captain training with the kids?

I'm sure I'm not the only one reading this and seeing it as cringe-worthy reading. I'm not saying Collins is a world-beater but he's always been someone who gives 100% and he deserves better than this.
12 March 2015 00:22 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
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Top Two all but decided It's going to be Bristol City and Preston.

Preston have done well to hang in there without their top scorer who is now back.

Unlike us, they will likely make their game in hand count and open a nice cushion to third.

It was the week that wasn't for United. All the confort of having already played the top four predictably meant nothing if we couldn't put away the lesser teams. IF we had been in the Championship and drawn Peterborough, Crawley and Fleetwood, two of which at home, we'd be licking our lips. The fact we contrived to take a single, solitary point speaks volumes about the professionalism and motivation of what is fast becoming the Derby County old boys club.

For Clough, having now signed Davies, he's now out of excuses.

22 recruits this year including now the highly coveted target man and he can no longer blame missing out on COG as the bad luck that derailed the campaign.

Those that look at his record should note he's done well in cups when there was no pressure and we could not lose. Due to this his win percentage will be high. But that's half the story. Having brought in 22 players that should have been enough to make Bramall Lane a fortress. As it is, we've lost an alarming amount of home matches.

What to do? Hope he bucks his ideas up. Not sure what Adkins would make of inheriting a team of non-goal scoring midgets with most of the first team having an allegiance to Clough. Which makes it all the more bizarre. Shouldn't they all be doing their best for their old mate?

Whatever happens he can't bemoan his luck as he did at Derby. He's been supported more than any manager in as long as I can remember and he's falling woefully short at a level lower than our natural one. I'm not even sure I'd keep him if we went up, so unconvincing has he been. Unlike Adkins who made back to back promotions, Clough would be setting the bar as 5th bottom for a successful campaign.

Let's hope there's enough professional pride to retain the play off place and hope the cup football kicks in. It's not a convincing approach to say the least.
08 March 2015 12:13 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
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Cotterill Gets a rough ride on here at times.

Not his biggest fan but credit where it's due in how he's gone about this season.

Made limited number of signings, most straight in the XI. Excellent use of the loan market. All pretty much funded by a good fee for Baldock.

Ended last season behind United. Now 20 points ahead.

He's certainly shown Clough how it should be done.
03 March 2015 23:36 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
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