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For those not wanting rid of Clough Surely this is exactly the reason why we got rid of him, so we can appoint someone like Nigel Adkins.

We're not asking someone to do what they have never done.

1. Has been promoted 3 times from League One i.e. fair to suggest he knows what is required vs having no promotions from League One or any in the Football League for that matter.
2. Has the ability to get the team promoted further up the pyramid to the top division vs. never achieved more than stability / mid-table mediocracy.
3. Attack minded vs defensive minded.

I am delighted assuming this goes ahead.

The manager is the most important signing and you need to get the optimum your money and circumstances can afford. A few decent players can only carry an inept manager for so long. With a capable guy at the helm the future looks much brighter.

Really looking forward to next season now.

02 June 2015 11:34 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
Lions led by Donkeys - getting right most important signing I don't think over the past number of years the club has got wrong the sacking of a manager.

In hindsight the Warnock one was dubious and if he had not courted Portsmouth then perhaps he would have had more support in the Boardroom. That said we had recognized his limitations (as have other clubs) yet didn't perhaps recognise our own as a club at that time.

Robson wasted a lot of money and deserved to go.

Blackwell should have gone at the onset of the summer before his sacking.

Adams was surprisingly out if his depth at his hometown club.

Wilson had not made the most of the riches he inherited at League One level and had turned to a no lose mentality we all hate.

Weir was an ill equipped maverick.

Clough, with such positive feeling at the end iast season could not have made more of a pig's ear of it in the league if he had tried to.

Warnock aside none of the above have improved their stock since leaving proving the decision to cut them loose was not a regrettable one.

It also helps to illustrate how poor the managerial recruitment has been.

The title of my post can refer to the Board but it primarily refers to the managers. We've had a helluva lot of good players pass through the doors in the last 4 to 5 years to still find ourself at this level.

That's why busting a gut to get a 1.5m fullback is admirable only if the same determination can be applied to getting the club's number one signing right. The manager.

Sheffield United are a massive club. Fan wise potentially in the top 12 in the country. With the right financial package and the right divert there is no reason we cannot get a top manager.

Warburton and Adkins are both unemployed. Robinson must see the limitations of MK Dons especially now Ali has gone too.

United would be the biggest club any of them have managed and that is how it has to be sold and how we have to view ourselves.

On a level footing United are bigger than Southampton, bigger than Reading and certainly bigger than Brentford and MK Dons. We have a Saudi Prince backing us but there are limitations at this level. It's a mouthwatering proposition.

Make sure you get the right guy and the rest all falls into place. Get the wrong one and even good players can only cover so much for tactical ineptitude.
27 May 2015 06:01 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
Neil Warnock If neither Adkins nor Warburton wish to join we could do worse on a year to year basis.

If they want to retain Morgan as an integral part of succession planning, then the club could do worse.

Our main aim is to get out of this division.

Let me ask you this. With the resources at our disposal, can you envisage Warnock not being able to assemble a team capable of getting into the Championship in the next 12 months?

I can't.

The long term can wait a little in my view, not that Neil wasn't capable of thinking that way, he was here about 8 years.

With such a balance of resources in our favour I'm sure he would get us over the line and would at least go at teams with positive subs.

He failed at the final hurdle of establishing us in the top flight, but he's been far more capable than any other manager since.

I know it would be devisive but the club needs someone who knows how to get a team up, can build a team and a spirit and gets Sheffield United.

If not the other two, then I'd accept turning to Neil's experience than putting our shirt on some maverik.
26 May 2015 06:11 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
Have a good summer everyone Not quite had as much time to get on here as much as I'd have liked to this season but enjoyed the debate on various things.

Typically the off season is quite quiet until we start signing players and playing friendless so I will probably find myself checking in a little less.

Just wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all a pleasant summer full of good health and relaxation.

25 May 2015 03:01 Started on 'Blades Board' forum

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