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Really poor from Clough today Yes he can point to the win and to the clean sheet but his in game management was appalling today. Against a better side it would have cost us.

Despite a man advantage for a half they still hit post and cross bar and Howard had to make 2 very good saves plus a few more.

As soon as they had a man sent off he should have got McNulty involved although he should have started instead of Scougal anyway.

Once they started to make their changes they were one man up front yet he stook with four out and out defenders and a defensive midfielder passing the ball between them. It was ridiculous to watch.

Goal difference could be a factor. Trying to preserve a lead by the skin of your teeth against ten men is not what need be done when there is a great chance to rack up some positives in the goals for column.

McNulty should have been on for Scougal or even Doyle by the 50th minute and he should have got Davies on for Alcock minimum to keep us on the front foot.

He'll point to McNulty scoring making it a good substitution. What could he have done with more than 15 minutes?

Great result today but once more, worrying signs from the management.
18 October 2014 19:30 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
Team vs Bradford to avoid anyone suggesting hindsight is a lovely thing, here's my team for the next game:

Davies McCarthy McEvely Harris
Campbell-Rice Wallace Doyle Murphy

There is no team to fear home or away and talk of containing anyone is bolder dash.

It is very harsh on Alcock but our emphasis should be on attack and his set piece delivery is too good to leave out plus he's a goal threat from the edge of the box.

It seems the centre halves did well. McGahey probably did need a rest and harsh as it may seem on Collins then these two are those with the shirts.

Midfield looks decent and a goal threat and both Jose and McNulty should be more suited to these roles.

It still means that the like of Scougal and Flynn can make an impact from the bench.

We need points on the board now. We may have had some tough fixtures to start with but that isn't going to hold water after 20 games. We need 5 straight wins to get us in 2 points per game which should be the objective. All focus has to be in accumulating wins.

A negative goal difference at this level and 11 off top after as many games are both unacceptable stats.
12 October 2014 17:22 Started on 'Blades Board' forum

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