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Time to stop chopping and changing now Pleased for Clough and the players. It's clearly shown how capable the current team is with the right approach.

Clough really needs to stick with this formula now.

1. Be positive. Worry about ourselves not the opposition. Yes it helps when the opposition also come to attack but the team was set up to win a match. Too often have we started with a view to having a point and not wanting to risk losing it.
2. Stop changing the back 4. Worried slightly when he emphasized the victory was achieved with a winger at right back, a midfielder and a left back at centre half. Fact is Harris is playing at the levels we saw last year. Position closed. Statistically, regardless of positions they have previously played, Basham and McEveley are our most effective central defence both when we are defending and when we have the ball and are starting attacks. It should be position closed. Flynn may be 3rd choice but I'd much rather have him or Davies with a greater eye on attack than defence than Alcock. Leave the back 5 (inc Howard) be.
3. Settle on Reed and Doyle as a pairing. If Wallace is fit, then fine, rest Reed but his fitness cannot be relied upon. There's no continuity in shifting Basham all over and Reed may as well be allowed to develop. Let Wallace be the icing on the cake when he's fit and plan without him. Certainly don't build a reliance so great we end up buying another CM to replace him when we have players already who can grasp the nettle.
4. Give McNulty a run. A proper run. He's started just 9 games. He scored in 3 of those. He's been sub on 13 occasions and he's scored 5. Rather than suggest he is just super sub material, now that he's got the application, more minutes surely hint at more output and he gets himself in more scoring positions than anyone.
5. Forget about the JTW and get the continuity from the current group. Add Murphy to the above and you've got 9 people who should start every week. Let the likes of Cuvelier, Baxter, O'Grady, Adams, Scougal and JCR all jostle for the two remaining spots. Competition is good but not if there are 3 or 4 changes every week.

You've found a winning formula now. Please don't tinker. And be positive. If we don't want to risk Cuvelier too much get O'Frady in and be positive.
17 December 2014 15:27 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
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