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replied to stability is whats needed

Cotterill Gets a rough ride on here at times.

Not his biggest fan but credit where it's due in how he's gone about this season.

Made limited number of signings, most straight in the XI. Excellent use of the loan market. All pretty much funded by a good fee for Baldock.

Ended last season behind United. Now 20 points ahead.

He's certainly shown Clough how it should be done.
03 March 2015 23:36 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
The problem United face... Is that we are not chasing down 1 team but 3.

That is why yesterday was quite catastrophic.

Yes we have played the top 4 home and away, but that only counts for something if you brutally put away all the teams beneath you.

Stirring comeback in the end and an apology from me for suggesting we were not showing enough fight. However, yesterday was 5th vs 20th with 5th at home. There can only be one outcome of that game with a team having automatic promotion aspirations and that is an emphatic home win.

We gained a point on Swindon, though are 8 behind with a game I'm hand. So we require 2 further defeats from them on days we take away the maximum plus we need to win our game in hand.

We gained a point on Bristol but would still be 12 in arrears even if we won the game in hand. Expecting us to win on 4 occasions when they take zero points with 15 games to go is hopeful to say the least.

Why yesterday was such a catastrophe is that we need to make up a genuine 7 points on Preston and TEN goals with no games in hand and no game bs Preston to have a double impact on the goal difference.

We also surrendered 2 points to MK Dons who have even greater points in the bag. Winning our games in hand sees us 7 points and a huge goal difference behind.

It's all a huge ask and would take something like winning 9 on the bounce to achieve. Jettisoning 2 against Cov is a poor start.
22 February 2015 05:18 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
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replied to MATCH DAY POST: The Mighty Blades v Coventry City

replied to Star article on Kennedy

replied to Di Canio to manage dingles...

replied to Diego

replied to Sunderland Echo

Horses for courses or settled side? With the arrival of Done, the amount of players who must start seems to have increased.

So how many spots are up fro grabs? What are people's views on rotation and who is best suited to supporting Done?

1. Howard. Think he will play when fit. Turner is a good deputy and no need to rush Howard until 100% but I think Howard is an auto pick.
2. Brayford.
3. Harris.
4. Basham. Either midfield or defence.
5. Coutts.
6. Murphy.
7. Done.
8. Doyle. Only marginally torn on this one but he is captain and although not long term we probably look less vulnerable with him in the team.

That to me leaves 3 slots up for grabs:
1. Centre half. Clearly a case of Kennedy or McEvely in most cases though both can turn out if there are other plans for Basham.
2. Wherever Coutts doesn't play. JCR and more ideally Flynn if the answer is right wing though Davies will still make the odd appearance. Reed, Basham or even Holt. But I would love to see Cuvelier emerge. Like Coutts, he could play either role and I think he could be a menace. Not counted Scougs as he is injured or Wallace.
3. Behind Done. Is this where the real horses for courses comes in? A rough team and you may fancy Higdon for at least some of the game. McNulty seems more a deputy for Done now though let's not forget he's still very young. Baxter is the one with the shirt but if he is injured dare I say Diego is the closest we have. Adams strikes me more as an impact player now.

So would you settle for an XI or you rotate, Do you agree with my points above?
15 February 2015 04:38 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
Chris Ramsay / Tim Sherwood Good to see a young English coach being given a chance at QPR.

I have to ask though what the fuss is with Sherwood.

He had a decent win ratio but a high defeat ratio also at Spurs. He was also a right place right time appointment.

I'm not sure where he gets his delusions of grandeur. He's relatively no experience at all yet he rules himself out of both Newcastle and QPR as if they. are not good enough for him. With his experience he should be rocking up at Yeovil or lower #deluded
13 February 2015 00:57 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
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replied to Comments from Clough today

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