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Get Kennedy and McEveley/Collins back in That's what we need for the play offs.

Paying almost 2m for a right back to attack down the flank and that's exactly where you want him in big games, not anchored at centre half.

Likewise Basham's aerial prowess adds much more if we can win the midfield.

Coutts, Nige's favourite, could still play, but on the right with Flynn out. At least the centre midfield would also retain a goal threat in Holt and Baxter.

I'd be happy to go with that line up though would look to get Done in there as the game progresses.
25 April 2015 17:47 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
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replied to Well Done!!

Recalling Collins - should the Board intervene? Not suggesting a public intervention should be made but I do feel someone at the club should be having a word and mediating.

The public mantra will be that nothing has gone off. But Collins formed 50% of the partnership that got us to the Cup semi final last term.

This term he's been unceremoniously cast aside. Maybe the manager didn't rate him and felt he had better options.

He now openly admits he has no options. I.e. We have no centre halves.

Surely someone at Board level needs to be getting these two together and making this work for the next 6 weeks.

Both are employees of the club and whilst a manager stands and falls by his decisions, we're not the manager's plaything and we can't be whiling away another 12 months in League One because the manager was too obstinate.

This spat is messing up the entire team:

He's not any full back, he's John Brayford. He's not actually any full back at all. He's actually a makeshift centre back who's less than 6ft. Amazing how we'd be allowed to spend almost 2m on him. Then deploy him not in his preferred position. You couldn't get a more high profile example of bad management.

Then there's Basham. Coutts aside, who doesn't have the same athleticism even if he has similar height. He needs to be in midfield and we can be more offensive then. Otherwise it's three midfielders because the team can't be trusted to compete.

Collins is fit, he's playing well, he's got a physical presence and he's an organizer.

The Board has to be grasping the nettle here until one man's personal vendetta spoils the season for us all.

The Club is bigger than one man. Even when that man is the first team manager.
22 April 2015 13:31 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
Glenn Roeder & Adam Pearson Ib at the Sty Remember how well the committee went down at Forest with Billy Davies and David Pleat.

I'd be interested to know what Gray (really) thinks of this.
20 April 2015 13:11 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
Who deserves a shirt next year? IF by some grace from the Gods we go up and IF as a result the manager remains, I do hope he thanks his lucky stars and prioritises correcting some of the squad building errors of the past 12 months. Not starting preseason later than everyone else might send the right message too. But who of the current crop deserves a shirt next year?

Goalkeeper - where to start? Both Howard and Turner have played their way out of a long term future at the club especially at a higher level. You have to question how much time George Long is given to progress too. This leaves two Mavericks in Willis and Eastwood both of whom their country has recognized. Paul Robinson or someone of his experience would be good for the club, as suggested by Herbert. There's an argument to farm out the two George's and get a new no 2 also.

Fullback - just about the only position to be satisfied with. Brayford, Freeman and Harris not bad options I feel.

Centre half - we don't have any. I'm betting we'll need some next season. McGahey is young enough to develop and Kennedy, well, more a question for the medical folk than around his ability. Other than that we need at least 2 options and it may depend on which 'squad players' like Alcock and McEveley you keep as to whether you need a third.

Central midfield - happy to see us build the team around Basham. The rest of the team smacks of squad players and little else. Scougall needs to develop his game; he can't just offer energy and no end product, not if he wants to be a regular. Holt has grasped the nettle as a scorer, but I'm not convinced that scoring and disappearing for the rest of the game makes a huge case for him either in the long term. Reed will play his fair share but could do with adding goals to his game. Unless someone like Calvert-Lewin breaks through then there's a void to fill unless also Wallace or Cuvelier hit the ground running. Can't see Doyle being still here.

Wing - Murphy we can be happy with. Flynn is hit and miss but ought to retain a place in the squad. Otherwise we're back to still needing a decent winger. We need to work out where Che Adams should feature. Give him a role and let him learn it. Davies has been too injury prone to retain. Campbell-Ryce also far too inconsistent.

Attack - so difficult to evaluate when the midfield don't function well. Given his in and out treatment McNulty can be happy with a return of 11 goals for one so young. Davies looks like a reasonable option though it is a shame he doesn't have more pace. Baxter remains a conundrum, capable of good play but not consistently good. Not clear at this point if Done is this year's Bevan. Not clear where he fits in the team or who he partners. Can we develop Adams sufficiently? Is he more going to be a scorer of great goals than a great goalscorer.

Notwithstanding some leniency to some of the young pros, the players I would like to see as Blades next year are (and half of them I see as subs):

Brayford, Freeman, Harris, Basham, Scougall, Reed, Murphy, Adams, McNulty.

Davies I'd consider further though he's not the Brian Deane talisman I'd like is to have. Other than that I'm struggling to overcome indifference on the rest. Even Done feels an odd fit though he has a nack of getting goals.
19 April 2015 14:26 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
Your play off team What team would you pick for the play off games as of now?

Assumptions are: Higdon, Flynn, JCR, Cuvelier, Wallace and McFadzean are all out. Kennedy isn't.

Howard (little option)
Brayford Kennedy Collins (McEveley) Freeman
Murphy Basham Holt Done

Subs: Turner, Harris, Doyle, Davies, Scougal, Adams, McNulty

If Collins can be recalled we should do. He and Kennedy have played well together before e.g. Peterborough at home last year. Collins is also playing regularly and what's more, he's actually a centre half. He'll also be useful at set pieces at either end of the pitch. Can we get him back? McEveley in there if not. Though a big fan of Harris I'd say Freeman edges it on form.

If we are to make progress we're going to require Basham's presence in midfield as a tall physical player. Plus we need to see the best of Brayford and that's as an attack minded right back.

Done can be asked to join Davies as much as possible though my point with this line up is that you need potential goal scorers on the field. Cobbling a midfield together of Doyle, Scougal, Reed and Coutts is going to give you one thing - no goals from midfield.

On the bench one defender should do given the flexibility of one or two on the field plus the need to have options to win the game. Doyle in there to add insurance if Basham is withdrawn or forced to cover elsewhere. Scougal as he can add energy as games wear on. Then you have Davies (goals, set plays), Adams (pace, unpredictability, composed finishing) and McNulty (goals) all as potential attacking game changers.

I don't see Nigel doing this as he won't drop Coutts but if he's no goal threat, the what use is he? Is he going to be more of a match winner than Murphy or Done? Is he going to be as dominant as Basham? Is he going to notch important goals like Holt? Is he going to be creative like Baxter? I don't see how he gets anywhere near the XI when all those are fit.

I have a weird feeling we might do it. As a team we won't deserve it, but I can see Swindon arriving in the play offs in worse form than us, us edging a close home leg then just spoiling the game away. I can see Chesterfield expelling all their energy to knock the team out in 3rd and United just having more big game exposure to get over the line. I hope I'm right!
19 April 2015 06:57 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
End of the season - sack him Even if we go up.

We've seen enough shortcomings to suggest even when over resourced he's not up to it so God knows how he would be on a level playing field.

Should we make it through the play offs this will just go to show how much of a lottery the play offs are because once you take resources into account with goals, positive play and entertainment we will certainly be the least deserving to go up. We represent a kind of anti-football under the current manager.

I mean, talking up Yeovil, a team relegated with matches to spare and by some distance, a team scratch away on gates of 3,000. Have some pride man. Give us a break.

It would be one of the few instances where are promoted manager had so few fans 100% behind him that I could remember.

No matter the outcome. Season end, get rid. The warning signs are there already.
15 April 2015 08:26 Started on 'Blades Board' forum
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