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Location: East Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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started topic (Hull City) Saturday an Newcastle...

started topic (Hull City) Off subject Scots referendum

replied to (Hull City) The booing tonight...

started topic (Hull City) Thoughts on 'the game'

started topic (Hull City) If Pardew goes...

replied to (Hull City) You have to love Curtis Woodhouse

replied to (Hull City) I love Hull City

replied to (Hull City) allam

replied to (Hull City) Sad but amusing...

replied to (Hull City) The man is a prize ****...

replied to (Burnley) Hull City (not Tigers) for sale

started topic (Hull City) Mr Allam… its all a bluff...

replied to (Hull City) Press Conference.

replied to (Hull City) Does anyone think Mr Allam

replied to (Hull City) Maguire Loan

started topic (Hull City) Better the devil you know...

replied to (Hull City) Allam selling...

started topic (Hull City) With all the signings what chance Development Squad..

replied to (Hull City) Two Jake Livermores ?

replied to (Hull City) Burnley fan in peace!

replied to (Hull City) Thank You

started topic (Hull City) Goings…?

started topic (Hull City) Hull City becoming glamorous.

replied to (Hull City) Shrewd signing

started topic (Hull City) Kin Hell…. Ben Arfa

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