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Location: East Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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replied to (Hull City) Injuries...

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started topic (Hull City) Heroic Today

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started topic (Hull City) Now thats what I call talent...

replied to (Hull City) Another name change saga rears it's head

replied to (Hull City) Any robbo

replied to (Hull City) A question for those not opposed to the name change

started topic (Hull City) Macgregor v Harper

replied to (Hull City) caravan of love

started topic (Hull City) Some of our passing...

replied to (Hull City) Blessing in disguise

started topic (Hull City) International fans of City

replied to (Hull City) Bruce to be gone by Christmas...

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started topic (Hull City) WE WILL SCORE

started topic (Hull City) The vagaries of the Premiership.

started topic (Hull City) Well done Leicester..

started topic (Hull City) No wonder Jelavic looked ****ed off.

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) HBA… how he was managed

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