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Location: East Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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replied to (Hull City) I think it is about time...

started topic (Hull City) Wheeling and dealing in January

started topic (Hull City) CHARLIE AUSTIN HAT TRICK...

started topic (Hull City) SB TALKING ****...

replied to (Hull City) Diabolical again

replied to (Hull City) HBA...Whats the story?

replied to (Hull City) Today last year...

started topic (Hull City) Just watching Swansea….

started topic (Hull City) In Jan window you can have one player … who.. be realistic..

replied to (Hull City) Well that was not good

started topic (Hull City) Half Time

started topic (Hull City) Curtis D transfer bowlocks

replied to (Hull City) F A cup,,

started topic (Hull City) Steve Bruce spin meister…!!!

started topic (Hull City) I understand...

replied to (Hull City) SB has seen the light

started topic (Hull City) We're huffing and puffing

started topic (Hull City) Aimson on loan fracture...

replied to (Hull City) Has Brucie seen the light

started topic (Hull City) Where we are short...

started topic (Hull City) A simple question….

started topic (Hull City) Is Pulliss watching City on Sky a sign...

started topic (Hull City) There 's no easy way to say this...

replied to (Hull City) We should now be very concerned !!!

started topic (Hull City) Some thoughts from today….

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