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racism, the F.A. and double standards... - Sheffield Wednesday FC forum

Topic started: Saturday 14 January 2012 06:49 AM
redgreggieUser is Offline Posts: 1,743Liked: 75 times in 59 postsJoined: September 2005Hall of Fame9 year member
Posted 14 Jan 2012 06:49
racism, the F.A. and double standards...
feels like a whole load of double standards to me, typically the F.A. are paying lip service to this subject, I think they've thought that 'it sounds like the right thing to do' without really thinking it through.

the way it looks to me...

a premiership player (allegedly)(no names) says what he says to another player and nobody on the pitch hears it??????

are you kidding, more like selective deafness methinks!

apparently he said the word more than once...

if this is the case then I would suggest that it's not the first time he's used it to another player...seems far fetched to believe that he would just use it against a certain player.

then there's another player, in a similar situation, again uses racist language towards another player, this time it's a member of the public that complains...

so, a member of the crowd hear it but no player on the pitch complains????????

strange don't you think?

when the topic comes up on the radio I have heard ex-players say that it has got better, that it used to be rife within the game, and that players were just as guilty of using racist terms towards other players.

well, lots of these ex-players are now either managers or on the coaching staff, so are we to really believe that football itself has really cleaned up their act, or are they, as I say, suffering 'selective deafness'.

the fans get punished by being banned from games, what is the right punishment then when a player is found guilty of the same offence?

seems to me that a few hundred thousand pound fine and a few weeks ban is relatively tame.

why one rule for one section and another for others?

aussieowlUser is Offline Posts: 5,789Liked: 364 times in 248 postsJoined: January 2005Hall of Fame10 year member
Posted 18 Jan 2012 00:14
re: racism, the F.A. and double standards...
The FA don't really know how to handle it, they hoped the Kick It Out campaign would deal with it for them but unfortunately racism will never go away, it's in the nature of some of us to be like that.
awayowlUser is Offline Posts: 4,321Liked: 40 times in 37 postsJoined: October 2006Hall of Fame8 year member
Posted 23 Jan 2012 06:22
re: racism, the F.A. and double standards...
'aussieowl' wrote at 00:14 on 18 Jan:
The FA don't really know how to handle it, they hoped the Kick It Out campaign would deal with it for them but unfortunately racism will never go away, it's in the nature of some of us to be like that.

Stick 25,000 in a confined space, add a contest, and you will get such comments where ever the crowd is, and probably more than racist abuse, I cannot ever see it being stopped.
JZ66User is Offline Posts: 369Liked: 5 times in 5 postsJoined: December 2010First Team4 year member
Posted 13 Feb 2012 07:29
re: racism, the F.A. and double standards...
After witnessing the on field behaviour on Saturday ! there's not a hope in hell !.
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