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Location: United States of America
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replied to (Carlisle Utd.) Player...

started topic (Carlisle Utd.) A Grand Inquisitor Is Needed

started topic (Carlisle Utd.) Can It Get Any Worse?

started topic (Carlisle Utd.) Where I Found Out All The Dirt On The Pigster

started topic (Carlisle Utd.) MATCH CHAT GO'N

started topic (Carlisle Utd.) Chatroom This Year Address??

started topic (Carlisle Utd.) Are the PS Friendlies On The Local BBC Radio?

replied to (Carlisle Utd.) My Retirement As CUFC Online Editor

replied to (Carlisle Utd.) So pre season has started today

replied to (Carlisle Utd.) Parallels between us and England

started topic (Carlisle Utd.) OI MOORLAD - read related II

started topic (Carlisle Utd.) OI MOORLAD - read related II

replied to (Carlisle Utd.) cufc 6000

started topic (Carlisle Utd.) Is There Going To Be A Team Next Year

started topic (Carlisle Utd.) OI MOORLAD - read related

replied to (Carlisle Utd.) 12 players to sign (possibly) 14 any news - NO!!!! Why?

replied to (Carlisle Utd.) Scottish independence

replied to (Carlisle Utd.) Heart warming story from Normandy

started topic (Carlisle Utd.) BOYCOTT THE WORLD CUP

started topic (Carlisle Utd.) Anyone On Here Old Enough To Remember D-DAY

replied to (Carlisle Utd.) Oi FT

started topic (Carlisle Utd.) The Pigster Preforming At New Stadium Gala Benefit

replied to (Carlisle Utd.) World cup

replied to (Carlisle Utd.) John Nixon: Commnets on Prem B Teams

replied to (Carlisle Utd.) Fellow traveller

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