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replied to (Scotland) The BNB Police basher

replied to (Scotland) Out canvassing for the SNP in Aberdeen today...

replied to (Scotland) so aj

replied to (Scotland) Now it's established Dholly are a sectarian chlub.

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started topic (Scotland) DAB On DAB Violence

replied to (Scotland) Ads on the site

started topic (Scotland) The DAB That Flogged 2 Goals

replied to (Scotland) Alloa

replied to (Scotland) Football Debts Settled As Hearts Move Clsoer to !!!

replied to (Dundee) What has happened to the Regular Posters of Times Gone Bye ?

replied to (Dundee) 14 years ago today...

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replied to (Scotland) the yahoos arrested at pittodrie

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replied to (Dundee) Those complaining about the referee..

replied to (Dundee) This has got tae be a wind up surely?

replied to (Dundee) 50 50 half time draw

started topic (Dundee) Hamster Hade...

replied to (Dundee) Over 60

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