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Location: Wirral, United Kingdom
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started topic (Cambridge U.) How do i report to footymad hq?

replied to (Cambridge U.) ***Le Inter National Predico Compe Double Points MD20***


started topic (Cambridge U.) Local Vandals

started topic (Cambridge U.) Predictocomp - Chalky is back oh oh(8)

replied to (Cambridge U.) CAMBRIDGE FANS..CENSOR FREE BOARD.

replied to (Cambridge U.) Moorlad

replied to (Cambridge U.) We've just booked Christmas dinner...

replied to (Cambridge U.) By the way Kel

replied to (Cambridge U.) This board.

replied to (Cambridge U.) A note for non Cambridge fans.

replied to (Cambridge U.) Stuff what I do wrong

replied to (Cambridge U.) Plymouth give Portsmouth One.Anders

replied to (Cambridge U.) ***Le Inter National Predico Compe DPs MD17 & MD18 & MD19***

started topic (Cambridge U.) Predictocomp - return of the Queens

replied to (Cambridge U.) ***Away Day Review FA Cup Special: Magpies v Shaymen***

replied to (Cambridge U.) Favourite Obscure Shows...

replied to (Cambridge U.) Simon Boynton is a kunt

started topic (Cambridge U.) haw cumbrains

replied to (Cambridge U.) What the

started topic (Cambridge U.) last

replied to (Cambridge U.) Aberdeen v

replied to (Cambridge U.) When the F..

started topic (Cambridge U.) talking of missing folk

replied to (Cambridge U.) Cambridge Board RIP

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