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Location: Angus, United Kingdom
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replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Where is best place to get a banner printed?

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) Leicester

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) scotland in or out

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Guess who's injured

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Colback

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) You have to admit...

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) MASSIVE Season for:

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Liverppol after falcao

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Liverpool pull out of Remy deal

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) my thoughts on Pardew and Ashley

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) We have bid for Clement Grenier.

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Hungry players

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) boxer

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Anyone else like our chances against Spurs?

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Rumour control has it...

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) If we can do just one good thing this season...

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) If not Pardew, then who?

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) a philosophy

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Good to see the board back with a

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) daily joke thread.

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Oscar Pistorious

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) Inside info

replied to (Newcastle Utd.) thru black and white eyes ...true faith

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) The Future

started topic (Newcastle Utd.) This summer

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