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started topic (Blackburn R.) Massive blow for Anfield

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replied to (Blackburn R.) Too little too late aka same old

replied to (Blackburn R.) if it`s about the players..

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replied to (Blackburn R.) Burnley defend the indefensible

started topic (Blackburn R.) Liverpool sold out...

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replied to (Swindon Town) BOBs Tuesday Games 24th Feb

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replied to (Blackburn R.) Quiz..

replied to (Blackburn R.) bowyer blames the players..

started topic (Blackburn R.) Roll call for Anfield

replied to (Swindon Town) Egyptian Student in Italy

replied to (Blackburn R.) my take on yesterday

replied to (Blackburn R.) Liverpool Cup date announced ..

replied to (Blackburn R.) 700 tickets

replied to (Blackburn R.) F A Cup Draw ...

replied to (Blackburn R.) bowyer, why..?

replied to (Swindon Town) BOBs Weekend Games 14/15th

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replied to (Blackburn R.) Bowyer in, bowyer out..

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