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Manager & Player of the month... Congrats to Sam and Diafra on your well deserved accolades for last months hard work BUT FFS we go. The last time Allerdyce won Premeire League Manger of the month the team went onto an awful run. I really hope this won't put the skids on what we've achieved over this past couple of months!

But well done
07 November 2014 10:52 Started on 'Hammers Chat' forum
Groundhog season After yet another long term injury to AC, which a lot of us predicted, watching us get beat in the last minute of the match and another dull and uninspiring press conference with SA this morning I'm getting the feeling we are going around in another circle of utter mediocrity and tedium it could be a groundhog season.

After enjoying a brilliant World Cup in Brasil I was really looking forward to the new season but not as a West Ham fan. Shocked at the ticket prices for the Spurs game only to see a familiar result albeit not usually against Spurs. Not sure how many times I'll get up to Green St again this season when the team down the road from where I live are playing some proper football and at much cheaper ticket prices. Fu(k it can be dull being a West Ham fan during these days. On a positive note my misery is early this season and who knows what lies ahead...
21 August 2014 12:36 Started on 'Hammers Chat' forum

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