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Location: Glos, United Kingdom
Forum contributions

started topic (Burnley) Going in the wrong direction ?

replied to (Burnley) Eddie Howe

started topic (Burnley) Will we get lift-off ?

started topic (Burnley) Get off Ings back

replied to (Burnley) Sean and his Germanic philosophy.

started topic (Burnley) A parting shot

replied to (Burnley) what does promotion mean to you?

replied to (Burnley) Why the panic and negativity?

replied to (Burnley) We're going up

replied to (Burnley) I cannot see the point ...

replied to (Burnley) The wheels have finally fallen off

replied to (Burnley) Let this be a lesson to all you cocky sods

replied to (Burnley) Ings at end of game.

replied to (Burnley) Good point?

replied to (Burnley) Kevin McDonald

replied to (Burnley) We believe in being limitless and relentless

started topic (Burnley) When teams implode

started topic (Burnley) Are you a fan, supporter, follower,or interested bystander ?

replied to (Burnley) Calm before the...

replied to (Burnley) flood back on board

replied to (Burnley) If a new ground was built!

replied to (Burnley) Big game tonight for under-21s

started topic (Burnley) Do Sat Navs dumb down road users ?

started topic (Burnley) Are the Board ready this time ?

started topic (Burnley) The match that will decide who gets automatically promoted.

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