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We need a sriker We missed a host of chances again yesterday and while I am a fan of Long and he closed people down defends from the front and work really hard for the team but is he prolific enough in front of goal. Yesterday he missed from point blank range and he should have had a hat trick against Serbia. Walters took his goal well yesterday but thats only his fifth. Doyle scores a goal a year Murphy is the same as Keogh and Cox gives their all but just isn't good enough at international level. Stokes does deserve on another chance on his previous games and does score a lot in the SPL but then again so did Conor Sammon. Keane is prolific but only fits into a 4-4-2 system which will work at home or against the weaker teams but if we go 4-4-2 away against Germany,Scotland or Poland we could easily we over run in midfield. There doesn't to be much coming through Philip Roberts is scoring plenty of goals in Scotland but we need some one at a higher level. The only one I can think of his Harry Kane 5 goals in his last 5 EPL games hasn't got a full England cap and has an Irish father. Any one know of anyone else? 26 May 2014 14:55 Started on 'The ROI Green Room' forum
Good win and peformance Instead of having to endure 90 mins of hoofing the ball long sitting back and trying to get a goal from a set piece against vastly inferior opposition. Friday night was the way we should always play against a fifth seed side press high up the pitch and pass the ball. We should be beating the likes of Latvia 3-0 at home.

the team played well Westwood O'Shea and Wilson had nothing to do. Wasn't too impressed with his decision to pick Ward I would have prefered to see O'Brien instead. Ward had little to do but he didn't really get forward. Coleman played very well getting forward and creating a goal.

Whelan played well showed for the ball and passed well he faded in the second half. McCarthy looked comfortable on the ball and linked well with Holoahan in the 4-4-1-1 formation. Keane was very good in the first half got a goal and forced a couple of saves out of the keeper faded in the second half. McClean and McGeady both played very well MON believes in McClean and you can see he was full of confidence and he was man of the match McGeady had one of his better games and took his goal well.

Walters was involved in to build up to Long goal Long ran an harried the defence an Reid took over were Holohan left off playing simple good passes.

For the first time in a long time their a real buzz around the stadium. Looking forward to seeing what tactics we'll play and team selection against better quality opposition away from home.
17 November 2013 13:27 Started on 'The ROI Green Room' forum
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Team v Spain Forde, McShane, St Ledger, O'Dea, Kelly; Coleman, Hendrick, McCarthy, Keogh; Keane, Sammon.

McShane O'Dea Keogh and Sammon against the best side in the World is going to be a disaster. It doesn't matter who he picked even if it was our best team we wouldn't have a hope of getting a result under Trap.

Spain last home WCQ was a 1-1 draw against Finland. Yes that's right Finalnd with no world class players and a side who are ranked below Ireland. Scotland went to Croatia and won 1-0 in Croatia with a lot of players who were reserves for their clubs. The managers achieved these results by believing in their players encouraging them picking the best players available using modern tactics and tactics that suited the players. Trap does the opposite of this and this is why we'll lose to Spain Germany and fail to beat Austria and Sweden.
11 June 2013 14:40 Started on 'The ROI Green Room' forum

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