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    'Lump on' Stockton and Alessandra scoring...

    'Lump on' Stockton and Alessandra scoring decisive goals for their respective clubs tomorrow.
  2. Bankrupt without Edinburgh Woollen Mill

    At the start of this year the experts at the other place reckoned that the club's debt to EWM was as high as 2.75 million, which obviously clearly indicates that without EWM the club would be...
  3. On Tuesday Morecambe v Port Vale & Stevenage v Oldham

    Right, let's make the Stevenage v Oldham match a draw and on Saturday we win by 3 at Oldham, thus going above them on goal difference.

    So, that's sorted.
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    Barrow matches 'live' on BT Sport
    Barrow v Bromley - Saturday, January 18, kick-off 5.20pm (BT Sport 1).

  5. FA Cup Round 3 Cardiff City v Carlisle United

    The League Two match, Carlisle United v Newport County, scheduled for January 4th is now postponed.
  6. When the farce is over and a genuine, honourable and effective new ownership ........

    ........ is in place, who will that ownership consist of?

    I am relaxed about this. It is clear that there is one theoretical new ownership that stands head and shoulders above any other rival...
  7. Electoral Calculus at the week-end was...

    Electoral Calculus at the week-end was forecasting a Conservative majority of 93, this morning 90 and now 114.
  8. This seems to have a lot of credibility :-...

    This seems to have a lot of credibility :-

    You can look up the prediction for your constituency using 'Seat Explorer' near to the top left hand...
  9. Why is the Cumberland Cup match between two Carlisle teams that both use the .....

    ..... Sheepmount being played at Penrith?

    Why is it being played on November 5th, for Fawkes sake?

    November 5th 7:45pm Carlisle United v Northbank
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