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  1. How can the club be potentially bankrupt without...

    How can the club be potentially bankrupt without the support of EWM? According to the last accounts the club owns tangible assets with a value of 8,388,185, nearly all of this figure being Brunton...
  2. How many points will we be clear of bottom place after Saturdays matches?

    Error :- How many points will we be clear of bottom place after Saturday's matches?

    The bottom six are all at home.

    Carlisle United v Walsall

    Leyton Orient v Newport County

  3. Our final League Two match of the season has the possibility of .....

    .... a heavy irony to it.

    Saturday 25th April 3:00pm Carlisle United v Stevenage

    It could be the second time that these teams will have met with the prize for the winning club being a place in...
  4. Club Staff Contact Details (from the Carlisle United Charter document of June 2019)

    I am extremely reliably informed that Andrew Jenkins does not have and never has had a Carlisle United email address. You need not believe me, just use your own resources to check that. There may be...
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    Barrow supporters will no doubt be interested in...

    Barrow supporters will no doubt be interested in the 12:30pm kick-off match today (Saturday 28th) which is also on BT Sport 1 :-

    Sutton United v Yeovil Town

    Yeovil can go top, 3 points ahead...
  6. Radio and TV between now and January 2nd

    Is there any b­ugger actually working in the broadcast media between now and January 2nd?

    It seems that each media organisation has put on a massive disk a lot of programmes that were recorded...
  7. In terms of the squad, manager and ownership, in which are we better than Barrow?

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    Modesty Of Those In Charge at CUOSC

    No matter who asks (or how many ask) those in charge at CUOSC about the amount of money that has been raised this week, month, year etc they refuse to name a figure, because to do so would seem...
  9. Thread: Klopp

    by _Stefan_Kuntz


    Is Klopp the only manager whose name sounds like someone having a s­hit?
  10. On what date did Jenkins, Nixon and Pattison last attend a Fans Forum?

  11. Fee to secure the services of Jarrad Branthwaite in January?

    Folk are getting excited about the value of Jarrad Branthwaite. Some have even suggested that the Branthwaite fee should be used to fully pay off the debt to EWM and thus see the club into better...
  12. British Broadcasting Corporation Radio Cumbria

    Who gives a f­uck about Holker Old Boys?

    When our Champions League teams (Carlisle United and Barrow) are not playing there is the mighty Workington and the likes of Kendal Town, Penrith and...
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    Guten abend

    Guten abend
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