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  1. Firhill 10/03/2018 Aitken suite All dons fans welcome

    Hi Dons fans
    At the front of Firhill stadium is the Aitken suite which opens from 12pm and all are welcome
    Includes bar, hot food, family seating, SKY TV and the Edinburgh Derby will be on live as...
  2. Firhill Aitken Bar sat 21st October all Dees welcome

    Hi Dundee fans,
    The Aitken Bar/Suite at the front of Firhill stadium is open from 12pm on saturday all Dundee fans welcome - as well as a bar, serves hot food, has family seating area and SKY show...
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    Well done the Dees

    As a number of you be aware there was an incident where Rangers fans stole and burned a number of Partick Thistle flags from Firhill - why they felt the need to do this who knows! Pathetic really
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    Firhill stadium this saturday

    Hello Doonhamers fans
    Just to let you know that you are all welcome at the Aitken Suite before the game this saturday from 12pm onwards - has bar, food, family seating area and SKY TV and is at the...
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