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Thread: Matt Le Tissier

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    Matt Le Tissier

    Just said IF the big clubs had taken the F.A Cup serious last season , you would never have won it,


    Total kunt IMO , what you think of that

    ( I would foking love to win it )

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    re: Matt Le Tissier

    yaeh yeah yeah ... and if any other clubs in the country had been at Wembley on 11 May 2013 they would have loved to have won it.

    It's just they chose not to be there. They all had their opportunity.

    Sounds like sour grapes to me. No one wants Wigan to do anything ... match fixing went wrong that day!

    This is a good Finky Cinky.

    Soon I'm going to be told AGAIN that Citeh didn't want to win it ... yawn! - view external link

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    re: Matt Le Tissier

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    re: Matt Le Tissier

    Matt was at my works xmas party and when i spoke about how we won the FA cup he said we deserved it... weird how an opinion can alter eh??

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    re: Matt Le Tissier

    Is it not He got more faces than o Town clock then.

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    re: Matt Le Tissier

    Might be because he won feck aw as a player as good as he was and someone like Callum has a cup winners medal in his locker

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    re: Matt Le Tissier

    Cant knock that.bang on there lad.

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