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Thread: 120k per season plus wages

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    120k per season plus wages

    Is that sustainable? Why only a two and half year contract for Madden, it doesn't make sense

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    re: 120k per season plus wages

    Assuming he does the business we can sell him after two years for a handsome profit. That's more than sustainable.

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    re: 120k per season plus wages

    If he can score some goals then perhaps its sustainable, he could do really well here.

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    re: 120k per season plus wages

    Sell in two years? How much money will we get for a player with half a year left on his contract? Even at the end of next season, which could be our first in league 1, he'll have one year on his contract. That will put us in a substantially weaker negotiating position if a club from the championship comes in. If he has a good season we'll be forced to sell for 500-600k or see his contract out and let him go for free.

    Woolford, Duffy, O'Connor, Ryan all got away because of our lack of foresight when it came to contract negotiations.

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