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Thread: AFC Wimbledon Score Predictions

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    AFC Wimbledon Score Predictions

    Hope for a 2-0 victory. According to my paper they have it down as an away win but I just dont see it, famous last words though. Hoping we dont suffer the well known flat on the face syndrome.

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    re: AFC Wimbledon Score Predictions

    3-1 win.

    I can see them nicking a goal especially if we have our now customary slow start. I don't know why we only start playing 15 minutes in. We can't rely on Slocombe pulling off worldies forever.

    However I think we can outscore any team in this division.

    Chesterfield and Burton with tricky away games gives us a great chance to pull further away at the top.

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    re: AFC Wimbledon Score Predictions

    All that fire power! got 0-0 written all over it!

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