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Thread: Man of the Match today?

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    Man of the Match today?

    A few to chose from, for me it was Jennings, Mcaughlin second, Job third

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    re: Man of the Match today?

    O'Brian for me is our best player his football brain is far better than any other player in our team, he watches the game now's ware every one is and covers every one in defence when caught in trouble, for me deserves every accolade he gets. Gives 150% effort every game. Top man.

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    re: Man of the Match today?

    What Jim lacks in skill he more than makes up with effort and endeavor. If he loses the ball he does his best to get it back unlike another midfielder.

    Thought he did a decent job in midfield with Dawson, only saw 7 minutes of Lawrence but he looked composed and not flustered with the situation, which I suppose an ex prem player should be.

    Thought they would have gone for COG with his two goals but Jim's work was recognized and couldn't argue.

    Only gripe was final ball from Mellis on a couple of occasions was very poor.

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