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Thread: Stephen Dobbie

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    Stephen Dobbie

    Has anybody got any ideas of what his next move will be. I have heard he has returned to Crystal Palace, I think he could end up at Millwall with his ex manager.

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    re: Stephen Dobbie

    He has gone back to Crystal Palace and apparantly pullis is quite keen on him and is considering adding him to the palace squad

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    re: Stephen Dobbie

    Steve Parish the crystal palace co chairman has said they have 2 offers for Dobbie.
    Dobbie wants to play regular football and be closer to his family.
    Hope he finds a club where he can play every week.

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    re: Stephen Dobbie

    Would love to see him head back to Scotland. He seems to have dropped under the radar to the Scottish media. Maybe regular would help this.

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    Warm memories)

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