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Thread: Life with the Lichties

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    Life with the Lichties

    The Courier are starting a 3 page behind the scenes article tomorrow all about Arbroath FC.

    There is a short interview with PS as they train in Dundee currently on the Courier online.

    Sadly the link is too big, but if you combine these two;


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    re: Life with the Lichties

    Link below. - view external link

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    re: Life with the Lichties

    According to the article in to-day's Courier the capacity of Gayfield is 4000+ I thought it was 6000+.Can anybody confirm.

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    re: Life with the Lichties

    It's on the official website;

    Ground Capacity : 6600

    Including Seated : 861 - view external link

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    re: Life with the Lichties

    Nice to get some coverage from the Courier on what goes on behind the scenes at Gayfield.

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