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Thread: Opta stats

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    Opta stats

    I hate to single individuals out in a team game, but l would love someone to give the stats on Ross Chisholm's season.
    How many goals? How many shots? How many shots on goal? How many passes complete? How many minutes on the park?
    In my opinion he has been THE major letdown of Paul Sheerin's managerial career and a significant contributor to our current league position.
    As has been said on a few other posts, l too can't believe he his in the side week in week out, and even worse he is hardly ever taken off, is it because he is club captain, l seriously hope not.
    Is there another reason Sheerin and Petrie see it fit to play him every week, are they just hoping he comes good one week?
    His contribution to each game seems to be a few encouraging words followed by some hand claps, then getting booked for dissent (leading by example????)
    What happened to him at Dundee??? I loved his play when he was here the first time round, but l can count on one finger the number of good games he's had si

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    re: Opta stats

    His complete slide really is puzzling. His arrival turned our season around in the 3rd but now he's a spare part.

    One of his strengths back in that season was that he had Sheerin outside him who never played like a winger and Chisholm broke into that space well. I can remember a fair number of goals that Chisholm contributed to with these breaks down the wing. However, now we have Cook as our usual left winger and he is far more a traditional winger and Chisholm doesn't have the space to break into.

    Chisholm also kept it very simple in his first spell which was a bit easier when the players in front of him were Falky, Sheerin, Doris and S****ie who were a bit more creative. Maybe he feels as captain it's up to him drive the team forward so he's taking more gambles. Maybe he should just be looking to find Linn and Cook early and keep it simple.

    His current performances don't merit a starting spot but if he is to play, he should be playing a deeper role, alongside Nicoll. This might a

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