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Thread: 40 yard shot a fluke.?????

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    40 yard shot a fluke.?????

    well thats twice this season sam has been beaten by forty yard shots.

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    re: 40 yard shot a fluke.?????

    No one can defend against a goal like that it's up to the keeper.Sam made a few mistakes last night,he seemed slow to come of his line for one.For some reason he never looks for the quicke ball forward he hangs on until the opposition defence are back in place so no advantage.He is a good stopper but he still as a lot to do.Can you see this team in div one would be back down again.

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    re: 40 yard shot a fluke.?????

    Can't argue with your last sentence back. IF and it's a big if we do go up then yet another rebuild will be required. Maybe it's a good job we have some on short term contracts, it could make it easier. Then again you never know what a different manager could do with the same squad. If we don't go up I think we will find out.

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