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Thread: PNE v Millers Ticket Update...

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    PNE v Millers Ticket Update...

    By lunchtime today we had sold over 14,000 tickets for the home leg excluding what Rotherham have shifted. Shankley Kop tickets have finally been released to home fans (1700) and approx 2500 left in Tom Finney stand, the other two stands only have a few tickets left.

    By the way great opening hours by PNE ticket shop as opening till 9pm tonight and then 8pm tomorrow and 9pm again on Friday. You have to hand it to the Club at the moment as they are really helping the fans with availability of ticket sales and flexible opening times. We are quick to slate our clubs but not so quick to applaud them when they get it right.

    Up the Lilywhites !!!!!

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    re: PNE v Millers Ticket Update...

    Miller here.

    For your leg we have only 150 left. For our leg, you have taken up your allocation in full and we have less than 1000 left. Allowing for safety requirements its going to be a sell out. Time for us to add that extra 4000 perhaps.

    Anyway, all the best to all of you. Sure you are as exited as we are and a pity both clubs can't go up

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