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    Well done looked all lost at one stage, until the bindippers got stage fright against Chelsea and gave up the ghost completely in the last eleven minutes against Crystal Pulis. Table never lies and best team/squad won it in the end.

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    re: Championeeeez

    Cheers mate.

    As long as them daft non Manc reds and scouse vermin don't win eh?

    MCFC V Germany World Cup final

    Zabba, Aguero , Demichelis

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    re: Championeeeez

    you could ave let us win...ffs

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    re: Championeeeez

    These games happen in a season mate, If you had scored early on it would have made us change tactics and who knows. Hughes set us up very well and I didn't really feel worried at any stage (ok maybe last five) but definitely our best performance at your place. Great result for us, just a blip for you.

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    re: Championeeeez

    Why isn't Mangala playing ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anto1962
    Why isn't Mangala playing ?
    Wish he hadn't yesterday lol

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    R u on facebook Frank... can look me up ...more fun on there we`ve all gone over... interested let me know...

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    ok pal will do

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