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Thread: Halt the multi-culturalism

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    Halt the multi-culturalism

    We must act now to save our green and pleasant land from becoming another USA.Join with me to save England!

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    re: Halt the multi-culturalism

    Join you! - I think Im 45 years ahead of you.
    There is no such thing in this green and pleasant land as multiculturalism,what we do have are groups of people who are intent on setting up their own "villages" with their own language and cultures.
    Integration, forget it, they dont want it.

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    re: Halt the multi-culturalism

    What do you suggest, everyone who is non white British rounded up and either deported or imprisoned? It's been tried before...

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    re: Halt the multi-culturalism

    Sorry, the green and pleasant land has been sold off for the profit. But were all in it together.

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    re: Halt the multi-culturalism

    Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating the end of Ramadan. We are not a racist nation, just a few not very clever people.
    Come down to Gresty Road and celebrate all season with the Alex. Muslims and all those of every faith, will be made welcome.

  6. Now...more than ever...the multiculturalism of England has to STOP.
    No more.
    We must save old England or it'll be lost forever.

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