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Thread: Clarication for posters regarding political threads/posts

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    Clarication for posters regarding political threads/posts

    Over the past couple of days the moderators of the forum have discussed the situation regarding the posting of political opinion and have decided that there will be no more political threads /posts allowed. The rules above have been altered to now state the foregoing.

    It was also pointed out that there was an anomaly in the previous rules above regarding this and given the political landscape of the country latterly, the interpretation of rules was relaxed to afford discussion on the referendum and similar but that has since continued and we feel it has overstepped a mark to a point that it is unrecognisable as a Dundee United forum. I would hope that the majority would agree that recently when a topic of a political nature has been raised it has resulted in considerable arguing –which makes moderation very difficult.

    So with reference to the above please note the following

    '1) If a thread/topic is deemed of a political nature - the thread will be closed

    2) If any subsequent

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    Mike Ashley , wot a chunt .Everthing that is wrong with this country .

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    ooh, little bit of politics there

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    Farage is a Dee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deebuster View Post
    Farage is a Dee.
    As much of a **** as Farage is, he's no that much of a ****.

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