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Thread: O/T Celebrity R.I.P.'s #4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evewolf65 View Post
    Dunno how I got that quite so wrong!!
    I just double checked Eve as i thought he hadn't been dead that long.

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    leslie grantham 71

    mostly known for his portayal of " dirty den " in bbc's eastenders...
    his screen wife in the soap was anita dobson ( married to brian may ..queen guitarist )

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    Ernie Hunt who played for Wolves between 1965 and 1967 has passed away aged 75. if my memory serves me right , did he not score a stunning free kick for Coventry. As I remember Willie Carr, stood with the ball between his feet before flicking it upwards for Hunt to volley in.

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    RIP Ernie Hunt.

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