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Thread: Say you love me!

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    Say you love me!


    Perhaps youtube doesn't work on here?

    Daniell O Donnell and Mary Duff. - view external link

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    re: Say you love me!

    I think you need to edit your link. The MAD system automatically enters http etc.

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    re: Say you love me!

    Quote Originally Posted by lestiverton
    I think you need to edit your link. The MAD system automatically enters http etc.
    Ahh, thanks,

    Try again! Great with the ear phones on! - view external link

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    re: Say you love me!

    Mike, I sometimes enjoy our debates. Most of the time I don't mind the length of them either, though obviously that's a turn-off for some. If only you wouldn't keep hi-jacking threads.
    Anyway, we 'get your point', and you did say once before that you'd said all you were going to say, a statement I greeted with some scepticism; justified scepticism as it turned out!
    As for this YouTube clip - a few seconds was enough thanks!

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    re: Say you love me!

    A few seconds was enough?

    Well, I can't imagine many NOT liking that sort of irish type music and shows how different we all are. I love a whole range of music but then its one of my hobbies. You won't find me freezing to death at Gresty Road on a Winters night at my age when I can sit in the warm, with a coffee and some great videos and the wife of course! Those days are long gone!

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    re: Say you love me!

    Us ol farts shud stick together,as for long winter nights,try sucking a fishermans friend, .what would these forums be if we all agreed on everything and everybody ,keep posting and dont forget while theyre getting at you theyre leaving others alone ,so your a small hero eh . love,love,love, all you need is love.

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