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Thread: Gixer.

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    Oi oi owd guess who's back [!]128539;

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    re: Gixer.

    Wonder where that shirt lifter Landsend is these days

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    re: Gixer.

    Howdo Welshie... are you bored ... lol Is that why you`re back

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    re: Gixer.

    Never invited me you Welsh git how's it hanging Gix?

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    re: Gixer.

    Boom!! Always knew Kissifer had a soft spot for Gixer..but never thought he'd do this ffs

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    re: Gixer.

    Frank Sinatra had less comebacks than me

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    re: Gixer.

    But he only had one user

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    re: Gixer.

    Nice to have a bit of company at last

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    re: Gixer.

    Was trying before owd..but it wouldn't work on my old phone n I still can't make it work on my original profiles

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