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Thread: Well done tonight

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    re: Well done tonight

    you can bongo i dont care if you do .im just flushing out one of your own who thinks hes a station above what he isand for that i think you should let it ride.i dont like liars im of that generation im afraid.hes been found out big time

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    re: Well done tonight

    what a tame and pathetic reply dummy brummy,its settled once and for all YOUR NOT A MOD just a liar.thank you and goodnight.egg on your face if ever
    and he departs with tail between his legs.

    i wasnt gonna post on here again but he replied to midland claret threatning to ban him and that incensed me .straight bat and all that regardless of what club you support

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    re: Well done tonight

    When IQ53 has a meltdown like this one does his mummy wipe the mess off the floor with a bogroll ?

    What entertainment

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    re: Well done tonight

    I go walkabout and we get hijacked.

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