vid of QPR fans taking the **** out of Chelsea racists.

My beloved has just told me about it, but can't find it.

Apparently, an alien tries to get on the tube, your mob tell it to **** off (a la Chelsea), the alien does his magic, you all come off holding your heads and then start dancing with the alien.

My missus said she hasn't explained it very well but it's really funny. (I showed her a WHUFC **** take a week ago and she hadn't seen this side of fan culture before - and hates both racists and the Chavs.)

So if any of you have the link please post.

(btw, please accept it has nothing to do with the game tonight - she didn't even know who we were playing when she saw me watching the stream. Anyway, if you have a link, please post it (or pm) and I hope the only decent side in West London stays up, so best of luck for the rest of the season.)