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Thread: Aberdeen

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    looking strong already this season.

    Should there be genuine concern?

    i can see them getting points from us this season.

    interested in some honest opinions.

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    re: Aberdeen


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    re: Aberdeen

    Now Now DFC&CFC.
    Sadd123 asked for honest responses as opposed to delusional ones, especially those who delude themselves to support two SPFL teams ;o)

    As an Aberdeen fan, I still expect Celtic to be champions at the end of the season.
    They've started reasonably well, whilst last year they were losing more points.
    I also think they too often get the benefit of the officials which helps sway some games where they may drop points.

    That said, I think Aberdeen's signings (Shinnie, Ward, Quinn etC) makes them a stronger squad, whilst retaining the same team from last year adds to their experience.
    Were keeping clean sheets, whilst still scoring, despite not being totally ruthless.

    Meanwhile, many think that Celtics squad is not as strong.
    I personally don;t rate Ciftci, so please play him next Saturday.
    Virgil, could be prone to a lapse in concentration, but did add a lot of quality going forward.

    Celtics defence is the week point, as seen in the league and in Europe.

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    re: Aberdeen

    (Update) Ever wondered what it's like to be pumped by 10 men but were always worried to ask yer maw or sis?

    Then have no fears just ask Ronny,Johhny C and Yer Team

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    re: Aberdeen

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