When is that spineless jelly fish Cameron, gonna grow a pair of bollox and sort this out?
Businesses suffering/teetering. Kent countryside and towns turned into car parks.
Lorry drivers and tourists intimidated and harassed.
Enough is enough.
Labour have a bloody cheek blaming the Tories as well. It was THEM THAT BLOODY STARTED IT.!!!

This video sums it up.
Migrant woman, I don't want to come to England for the money, it's for my life.
OK then.
1.pregnant, (no idea where the husband is). Exactly how do you think delivering a baby and raising it is done? Yep you guessed it, tax payers money.
2. I have no where to live- So you want the tax payers to house you as well?
3. I want an education- No problem we'll pay for that as well
4. I have nothing to eat- yep tax payer will give you money for food.
5. I want to live and see the world- So perhaps the tax payer needs to set up time shares for you as well?

So my lovely, I think your demands mean it does cost MONEY, IN FACT