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    Kevin De Bruyne

    VFL Wolfsburg have stated that it will cost us 45m to sign him. His agent has said that he has not handed a transfer request so if we really are interested in this player we have to pay the 45m asking price to get him.

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    re: Kevin De Bruyne

    Latest on Kevin De Bruyne is that we have payed 2m more of the asking price that VFL Wolfsburg was asking for and we have now made an official bid of 47m for the player.

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    re: Kevin De Bruyne

    According to SkySports Kevin De Bruyne has decided that he wants to stay at VFL Wolfsburg rather then make a move to Manchester City.

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    re: Kevin De Bruyne

    Got him!!!

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    re: Kevin De Bruyne

    any other newbies on here got a fascination with injuries? studying physiotherapy has sparked my interest although its a bit of a weird one i know - anyone you would add to this?

    lets hope KDB doesnt suffer any of these, hes been unreal this year so far

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