After having to endure today's youth, through my work having a work academy. I have come to the conclusion that this country truly is fooooked and have just been tipped over the edge with the bimbos on this show.

They know absolutely feck all and are so dense, it's frightening.
Last week at work, one told me during a comment about WW2, that Germany was on our side and it ended in 1972.
Today watching these thicko's, it seems wine doesn't come from grapes. It gets invented in factories.
I don't really care about Viney yards, I just want to drink the wine?

With the migration invasion, of poorly educated parasites and our own spoilt , brain dead morons. It's over, it really is.

Please, anyone with a child under 12, do your best to educate them. For everyone's sake and my sanity.